Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Joy that Donations Bring

Today I have some amazing news. SAFE Rescue got a whole bunch of fantastic stuff from a wonderful pet company called Nuvet. Look at all the cool stuff that we got!

 SAFE Rescue says: We'd like to send a great big Thank You to Nuvet and their employees for caring about rescue pets! Today Malia and Robert from Nuvet delivered a truck full of toys, carriers, food, collars, leashes, beds, blankets, bowls and so many other wonderful items for our rescue dogs! We’ll be able to spoil our foster dogs with all of the fun stuff they donated!”
Robert and Malia with a wonderful load of goodies for animals in distress!
I also add my barks of happiness and lots of tail wags to say thank you. SAFE Rescue saved me and it’s only because loving caring people donate that SAFE Rescue is able to do so much for animals in need. Remember, no donation is too small, and if you have left-over stuff that other animals can use, don’t be shy to help out your nearest animal shelter.
Here's Fergie thinking WOW!

Check out our kind Aminal Anjils at Nuvet and also have a look at what SAFE Rescue does for rescued animals.

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