Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nani Needs a Home!

Pet Rescue of the Week!

I am so grateful to SAFE Rescue for saving me and making me well again. I feel it’s my duty to help them help as many other dogs as possible. Today my blog is about an adorable little rescued dog called Nani. Nani is still looking for her forever home here in So. Cal. She’s perfect for someone who only wants one dog. She likes to go on walks, throw squeak toys in the air and play with them, but most of all wants to be with her human.

SAFE Rescue says: “Nani is white Poodle/Lhasa Apso mix that we rescued from East Valley Shelter. Her owners surrendered her after they discovered blood in her stool. Turns out she had bladders stones and needed urgent surgery. Three huge stones were removed by Dr. Slaton and she is now good as new. No special diet required either.

We think Nani was an only dog as she wants her human’s lap all to herself. She is approximately 7 years old but has a lot of play left in her. She throws her toys around and catches them before they hit the floor.

We think she would do great with an older person since her favorite thing is to sit on the couch next to you (yes she is a couch potato). She is available and waiting for her forever home.

For more information please contact safeanimalrescue@yahoo.com. Thank you!”

Nani says: "I know I am adorable. Let me show you just how much."

I think Nani is the cutest little dog in the world. So, if you know anyone who would love to offer Nani a new Fur-Ever Home, you can contact SAFE Rescue. Please share this post so lots and lots of loving people see it. You never know, someone reading this might be Nani's new guardian.

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