Sunday, January 26, 2014

Having Fun with Family!

I wanted to talk today about having fun with your family. Do you know that dogs are truly a human's best friend? Dogs are descended from the gray wolf and we've been domesticated for thousands of years. I'm not sure how many years that could be but it sounds like a lot! Anyway, we dogs are so versatile in being a human's companion. We love to do any and everything a human does, just to be near them.

I've heard of dogs skateboarding and even surfing (in the sea!) and I think they're very brave. But most dogs like more relaxed activities. If you want a brisk walk around the block, we're up for it. If you want to veg out on the sofa and watch mindless television, we're up for it, too.

I'm going to share some of the lovely activities I do with my Foster Family, and maybe you'll get some ideas of how much fun you can have with your family (if you're a dog reading this) or your dog (if you're a human reading this!).

Going to the beach. I love the beach, even in cold weather, but walking along with Foster Mommy Suzy is about my speed.
Here's me checking out those big waves!

Then going for a walk around the neighborhood is just the best fun in the world!
Luckily Foster Daddy Robert loves walking and we're always eager to go with!

Helping in the kitchen is no problem at all. We dogs are always keen to volunteer our services as Tasters of the Meal.
This is me in the kitchen over Thanksgiving, just checking the pumpkin is fine. It was delicious!

Then, if you have chickens like we do, humans always like it if you help then find the eggs. I've had a few accidents with eggs. They seem to break easily.
Aren't chickens clever?

We love being around barbeques or any kind of outdoor activities involving food. Of course, it's a complete mystery why human have evolved to living in houses and cooking food comfortably on the stove; but they seem to like going outside and making a fire and doing it the primitive way. Oh, well, there's no accounting for taste...

See? They like lighting fires outdoors.

On to more sedentary activities. If you want to sit by the fire, indoors this time, you'll find your dog will love doing this with you.
Me by the fire, indoors this time!

Foster Mommy Suzy likes making things. I think lots of humans enjoy this, too. They use long sticks and sometimes call it Knitting, and sometimes call it Crocheting. This is the perfect opportunity to settle down with your Special Person, and show them how much you're helping with their activity.
You can see how helpful I am being by lying on the Knitting to keep it from falling to the floor.

Then sometimes you can help with paperwork, especially if there are young people in the house that go to school or college. They always have lots of paper around. This is a fantastic opportunity to help them dispose of the pesky paperwork...

This looks like an awful amount of homework. Would you like me to eat it for you?

But then, at the end of a long and fruitful day, filled with fun activities, there's nothing like curling up in bed with your Special Person and being a lovely little hot water bottle for them. Humans really appreciate it.

G'night, all! Sweet dreams...
Remember, there are zillions of ways you can keep your Special Person company and help them enjoy their activities even more. If you have cute pictures of yourself doing interesting activities, please send them to me for my blog. I love sharing.

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