Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Me and My Friend Shady

Today I was thinking about introducing my friends to someone special that lives with all us animals at Foster Mommy Suzy's house. Well, Shady is a rabbit so he has his own comfy house in the back garden. He has the Chicken Ladies to talk to every day, lovely scenery to enjoy, and of course I chat to him all the time.
Shady is also a rescue from the Camarillo shelter and is missing a piece of his lower lip. Shady also appears in the short story in my book where he gives some advice. Shady is special because he is special like all animals, but when I first came to Foster Mommy Suzy's home to get better, Shady was helpful and encouraging. Here's a pic of me below, when  I first arrived, just thinking about going outside.
I was almost too scared to go outside...
Now here's a pic of me talking to the Chicken Ladies (also my friends and very clever birds). I was still very skinny.

"Is that a dog?" squawks Miss Henrietta.

Then there's my first chat with Shady. I'm wearing a coat because the sores on my body hadn't healed properly. Now I know what you are thinking ... where's the rabbit? Shady is very shy and he doesn't really like the camera.


Here's me today, all healed, having a chin wag with my long-eared buddy! This time you can see Shady in the left side of his hutch. My fur has grown back and I am healthy. Thank you to all my friends who helped me back on the path to being the doggie I am today. I love them! Remember, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Be a friend indeed to all helpless animals in need and they will reward you with all the love in the world. Who could ask for anything better?

Big woofs and tail wags! Please share your rescue stories with me. I love to talk about 'happy endings' stories on my blog and in my Tweets.

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