Thursday, August 14, 2014

Champ says: "I Wasn't Quite Myself..."

I wasn't feeling quite myself recently. You can see by this picture that I'm looking off-colour.


But then Foster Mommy Suzy took me straightaway to the most famous Dogtor on the planet, my special Dogtor Slaton. He's the Dogtor that helped to save me when I nearly died. I won't show you all the embarrassing pictures when he had to examine me (ugg!). Here's the picture of me afterwards giving him a hug.

Then I started feeling so much better, I even wanted to play with my blue ball! Maybe it's the colour that perked me up? Or having a squeaky ball? Anyway, here's me looking adorable and cute.
In case you've been wondering why I have been so conspicuous by my absence, I have been finishing a writing project (phew, a toughie) and reading two wonderful books about animals which I will be reviewing. I hope you enjoy them.

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