Monday, September 8, 2014

The Shambelurklers Return!

Yay! Can you believe it? My super-hero short story in Champ: My Story of Survival is featured in a great new kids’ book. I am so proud and honored to be a contributing Pawthor because the proceeds from this book go to help kids with autism. Let me tell you all about it.

Oooh! They look scary!!!
Five years ago, a friend alerted Marit Meredith to the work done by NAS (the National Autistic Society) The Early Bird Plus program, which had provided invaluable help for her friend’s grandson - and the idea of publishing an anthology to raise money for this cause was born. With a network of writer friends throughout the world, submissions soon came in, from as far afield as India and Australia, and Shambelurkling and Other Stories was published through Lulu (print on demand) in 2009.

Last year, after receiving an update on the work NAS undertakes through the helpline, Marit again sent out a call for submissions, hoping to produce another children’s book in the series. Again writers from near and far came up trumps, and on September 1st, The Shambelurklers Return was published. In the first week, close on £100 was made in royalties, which will all go to the NAS Helpline.

If you’re wondering what or who the Shambelurklers are, the Shambelurklers was the name given to the monsters lurking in wardrobes, under beds and behind doors, by a writer friend, Rosa Johnson, when her children were small, and in the poem she wrote the myth of the monsters melt away, only to make room for another, more fun one. The poem is in the first book, with the original version opening the second, current book.
Here's me in the dark, checking to see if any Shambelurklers are lurking...
The Shambelurklers Return is a children’s book of stories and poems, for the age range 6-12, published by Marit Meredith who lives in Clydach, under the name Midnight Scribblers Publishing. It is available from Lulu for £5.99 – and will soon be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook etc. as well.

Please help autistic kids by purchasing this fabulous book. You can also leave a review on the purchase site to encourage more people to buy and enjoy this marvellous collection. PS: Don’t be scared of the Shambelurklers … you just give a loud woof and they will run away!