Friday, July 4, 2014

Champ's Top 5 Book Marketing Tips

As every Pawthor knows, marketing is an on-going slog once a book has been written. I have a few suggestions as to how Pawthors can spread the word about their work.

1. Get a great Pawtrait shot. You might need a professional photographer but Foster Mommy Suzy is so good with the camera that I just use her photos. (You saw this already but I look so cute I  had to include it again)

Soulful, intelligent, the look of a dedicated Pawthor.
2. You should have some interesting bookmarks made, using the cover of your book. It doesn't matter that people like reading e-books. They love getting something cute (and free) and everyone has books around the house. What better way for them to remember your book! You'll see something in the middle of this photo - temporary tattoos! Kids love them when we go to Petco Days. Depending on what your book is about, you could have great fun with these as freebies.


3. Coffee mugs are a really fantastic promo product. Can you imagine someone sitting at work, and every day they have their coffee break and look at the cover of your book? It's a winner. This photo is a bit dark but you get the 'picture.'

4. Folders and notebooks are also fab gifts for people to remember your book. See how wonderful the cover of my book looks!

5. Lastly but not leastly, you can get posters printed for a special event. There's no way people will walk past and miss seeing your book cover! The photo below shows the poster Foster Mommy Suzy had printed for a special Petco Adoption Day. Isn't it just the best thing you've ever seen? (Yes, that's me Muttbombing!)

I hope these tips all help you with your marketing campaign. Remember, never give up. Rome (wherever that is) wasn't built in a day.

I do something every day to tell people about my book Champ: My Story of Survival. Here's me busy at the computer, keeping in touch with my fans. You can follow me on Twitter, or visit my Facebook page for updates.

Please tell everyone you know about my book about how I got saved and have a new life, especially people who love animals (especially dogs!) and who also like 'happy ending' stories like mine.


  1. Fiona. I'll let you into a little marital secret. All my own posts are written by my tortoise, Mycroft. Whenever I come to bed, my wife hides his Viagra.

  2. Champ says he is impressed by Mycroft's talents ... all of them