Sunday, December 15, 2013

Love: The Best Christmas Gift of All

Don't you just love Christmas? This Christmas with my loving Foster Family will be the happiest one in my life. I try not to remember the past, but sometimes it's hard to forget;
Me looking adorable  in my smart red coat!
especially when I think of all the sad animals out there who still haven't got what they need most: love. I know my fosters will get me lots of great things for Christmas - a new squeaky ball, a new coat, yummy treats, even more toys. Here's a picture of me in my new red coat, sitting on my Foster Mommy's lap. She loves me so much and every day she tells me I will never be cold, hungry, or in pain ever again. I love it when she says that, and she says it a lot.

I'm only a dog, but I've got plenty of what matters most: love. Every day I give the people who care for me all the love I have inside me. They don't need 'things' because humans already have so many things to make them a bit happy. Love is what makes everyone the happiest they can ever be.

Then I think about all the animals who are lucky enough to have made it to a shelter. That's not as bad as being in a terrible place of abuse, or out in the streets. Please share your Christmas with them. If you don't know what to give animals for Christmas, the shelter people will have some ideas. If you live far away from a shelter then just donate. Remember, no amount is too small. Every little bit helps. If a million people gave ONE dollar to a shelter, think how many dollars that would be. Wow! The shelter could do a lot with that, I'm sure.

Here's my list, if you need some ideas: warm blankets (it's cold this winter), some delicious special snacks, maybe some dogs need extra coats (?), and most of all, pay them a visit and just spread a little love. You have no idea how much a pat or a hug means to us animals. We love and we long to be loved back.

Here's a picture of my blind friend Joe, sitting on Santa's lap. I'll be telling readers more 
He looks cute with antlers!
about Joe in new posts. He is very brave because he had to have an operation to take out his bad eyes. But he is so happy to be with fosters that love him, I don't think he cares about anything else. He is asking Santa for a new Fur-Ever Home for his Christmas gift. I think lots of animals will be asking for the same thing this year.

Champ's Tip For Today: do you live in a cold area where it will snow this Christmas? Please bring your dog inside and make sure it is warm and snug with a lovely cosy blanket. If you see your neighbor's dog freezing outside, ask them to make sure it has a warm kennel (if they don't want to bring it inside).

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