Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finding Family at Christmas

I've been thinking about families this Christmas. You see, I am such a lucky dog. I was in a terrible home that you couldn't even call a home - more like a prison, and then when my life changed, I found out what family is supposed to be like. My Foster Family love me so much and I am blessed. Here's a picture of the small dogs in my Foster Family, including me (I am on the bottom left in my winter coat).
Champ's Clan: (top L to R) Bailey, Nila; Bottom L to R) Champ, Sweetie
I mustn't forget Amber, my big younger Foster Sister. Here's me having a snooze with her just a while after I got rescued.
And my humans are obviously the most loveliest, caring people in the world. Here's me with Foster Mommy Suzy, having a snuggle. She is telling me how much she loves me and even though I am not sure she hears me, I tell her back how much I love her.

Foster Daddy Robert is the best Foster Daddy any dog could wish for. He loves taking us for walks. That's great because we LOVE walks. It's like going to Disneyland, only way cheaper.

What I'm trying to say is this: your family is the one most precious thing that you have in life. I don't think humans understand, but we dogs (and I guess most other animals) know just how important it is to have that love around you. If you have quarrelled with someone in your family, (maybe they sneaked your bone, or your blanket, or stole your best toy) then now is the time to kiss and make up. We animals have such short lives compared to humans and that's why we try to pack all the happiness and love we can into every single day. You never know what is around the corner. Don't regret putting up a wall of anger. Pull it down now, pick up that tellyfone thingie that humans love, and make the call. Find your family and lots and lots of love this Christmas. You won't regret it.


  1. I love you Champ. And so very grateful to your foster family Love Auntie Dawn

  2. Dear Auntie Dawn, Wow, you are the first person to comment on my blog. Thank you so much. I feel like a real pawthor now. Don't forget to tell people who like reading blogs to follow me.