Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Prayer for Chloe

I haven't posted for a very long time - well, it feels like a very long time - because my biodographer Fiona has been nursing her little dog Chloe back to health. Chloe was badly bitten two weeks ago by two very big dogs in the park. These dogs were not on a leash. Chloe got mauled so badly she had to have an operation to sew her back together again. But she is getting better, thanks to all sorts of kind people who helped to rescue her. Here's a picture of me praying to the Anjil for Aminals to make Chloe perfect again. Remember to always keep your dogs on a leash when you go for a walk, just in case!

If I could send Chloe my ball to cheer her up, I would!

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